Do you love posting on social media? Do you want to become a popular influencer? 💃🏻 

 You have come to the right place! 😊 

 ROSSI Stars Influencers program is designed for TALENTED influencers interested to develop their skills, build a career in this industry and contribute to the growth of the brand. 

 We’ll offer you the chance to be a part of a huge influencers program, to test our products & to post on social media using your amazing skills.

Benefits for you: 

You will be entitled to the following benefits: 

  •  You will receive a free Rossi Secret Kit with a Glam Powder 
  •  Free Shipping @ Rossi Nails 
  •  Influencer for a respected, reputable and quality brand 
  • Increase your following by reposting from Rossi ( Social Media Rossi >200k Rossi fans ) 
  •  Possibility of progression into our other influencer programs 
  •  Exposure to more than 500,000 monthly visitors on our website 
  •  An optional 20% discount code for your followers, family, and friends, with commission for you. 

Program Requirements: 

To produce the content requested in the guidelines.

To post to your account according to the agreement.

We will transfer the guidelines 2 days following the signing of this agreement via email from the email address :

You must send the content listed above within 20 days of receiving the guidelines to the following email address : 

Once you complete this program, you will have the opportunity to advance into other influencer program: Rossi Ambassador, Rossi Masters, and Rossi Affiliate. 

 * Not all registered accounts will be accepted, a selection will be made. 

 * This is a global program. (USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and UK.)

 * The social media account should be public. 


There is no payment required from the influencer for this agreement. We will provide a free of charge Sample Kit in exchange for the content described within the agreement. 


This partnership will be closed in 40 days following your registration.

Please complete the registration form below!

Happiness comes first in our ROSSI family of influencers! The influencers who participated are very excited and gladly came back for other programs. 💃🏻

Thank you! 😊

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